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How to apply eye makeup for brown eyes to
  make the eyes more attractive?

How to apply eye makeup for brown eyes to make the eyes more attractive?

A person needs to follow some simple steps in order to apply the proper eye makeup for brown eyes. A person must apply completely natural makeup for the brown eyes. A person must firstly get hold of the white shadow and then apply it all over the eyelids. The main focus of the application of the white shadow should be on the brows of the eyes. After applying the white shadow, a person must apply the dark brown shadow on the upper lashes of the eyes, but this should not be done too heavily. The complete makeup must be done completely naturally.

The use of the bronze coat of color to cover the lid is also an option for the people. This bronze coat must be put on that part of the eye which actually covers the eyes. If one feels that the eyes are soft then a shimmery dose of bronze can be applied on the eyes to make it really attractive and attention grabbing. The eye makeup for brown eyes is then taken forward by the use of golden colored shadow on the crease of the eyes. When the crease reaches an end of the eye, a blot of chocolate brown color should be applied in the corner of the eye.

A person creating the eye makeup for brown eyes should make use of the fluffy type of brush and blend in different colors. The mixture however must not be done in a really hard fashion; the colors should be spread out gently. The colors should form a type of shadow; however the shadow formed must not be continuous in nature. In other words, a shadow line must not be created, rather small patches of the eye shadow is what must be created.

The lashes form an important part of the eyes; the volume of the lashes can be increased with the use of mascara. If a person wants to do eye makeup for brown eyes, then one should consider going for a complete makeover. Using eyeliner is also a great way to highlight the eyes. A person can really make the eyes pop out with the use of eyeliners. To make the correct use of eyeliner, a person firstly needs to apply a coal color coating above the water line of the eye; this coating can also be applied to the bottom of the eye. The eyes can really sparkle with the use of eyeliners.

If a person uses mascara, then the length as well as volume of the lashes is increased dramatically. Two coats of mascara is usually applied for getting the proper eye makeup for brown eyes. Application of mascara on the bottom lash is however optional.

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