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Project ideas and free crochet flower patterns for crocheting flowers

Project ideas and free crochet flower patterns for crocheting flowers

There are a bunch of uses that crocheted flowers have and they often help beautify the craft projects that are handmade or the items that are bought from stores.

The following are some free crochet flower patterns that will be useful if you like to make crochets using flowers. The crochet flower patterns include designs to embellish bags, hats, scarves, home décor projects, accessories, clothing and many others.

Easy and simple Crochet Flower Patterns

These free crochet flower patterns are easy to do and you will have no trouble in creating gorgeous looking crochet flowers. For starters some easy crochet flower patterns are small easy popcorn flower pattern, easy crochet flower motif, small flat flower applique which includes six petals, etc.

Crochet Daisies is another free crochet flower pattern which is not only popular for the spring season but all through the year.

Crochet Flower Applique

This lovely crochet flower applique pattern has a bit of texture and dimension. The pattern enables you to stitch onto the different types of surfaces as it lies flat. The texture is also pleasant for a crochet.

Easy Layered Crochet Rose pattern

The rose flower pattern is easily crocheted in three layers and a button or bauble is used to embellish it to make it look together.

Easy Crochet Sunflower Applique pattern

This free crochet flower patterns make you create little sunflowers which are quick and easy to crochet using worsted weight yarn. You can use crochet thread or embroidery floss to work this pattern if you need small sunflower applique.

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