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Make up

Gothic make-up ideas for the Morticia Addams in you

10 Goth Makeup Ideas (Gallery 2) - Gothic Life #gothicmakeup | Goth

Gothic make-up is all about living the fantasies of darkness, invoking the queen of midnight in you and it all begins with the right make up. Gothic make-up is a fun way to spice up theme parties and add that extra zing to it. In the recent years gothic stuffs, right from clothing to make-up have taken a huge swing …

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How does a makeup organizer keep your makeup in place?

The 11 Best Makeup Organizers on Amazon - Allure

A makeup organizer is a compact bag which helps you keep your everyday makeup goods safe and secure and very easily accessible to you, it may be defined as a compact bag or an organizer which keeps all your everyday makeup in a single place, and always visible to eyes, placed as close as your fingertips. This makeup organizer helps …

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Bring back simple elegance with matte makeup

5 Ways to Wear Matte Makeup - Real Simple

For a very long time, glitter and shimmer and shine have been very popular in the market. Everyone, including celebrities has been using such products for a really long time. However, the current fashion scenario demands that simple elegance be brought back, and again, things like pastel colors and matte makeup is back in vogue. Matte makeup products are available …

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Best makeup tips to use

Best Makeup Tips and Tricks u2013 27 Life Savers for Women

Who does not want to look like a million dollar babe? A classy attrite, elegant jewellery and lovely pair of heels are sure to make one look smashing good looking. But the one thing that rules the look book is a perfectly done makeup. And buoy it is a challenge to achieve best makeup for one’s face. It’s a craft …

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Know more about the newest trends in Korean makeup

8 Korean Makeup Tricks to Look Younger | Byrdie

Korean models are dominating the fashion campaigns these days and the k-pop idols are a great rage among teenagers today. Korean makeup has become very popular in today’s world. Here are few of the latest trends in Korean makeup. A glowing complexion is essential to get that fresh look. The Korean innovation – the air cushion is the ideal product …

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How to achieve an excellent glitter makeup : Beauty Glzaed 15 Colors Glitter Make-up Powder Metallic

Glitter makeup and crackle shine are the most recent in makeup patterns, yet what are these items? As we get more established, we put some distance between the most recent patterns in makeup, which is bad since a percentage of the new patterns are suitable for each age. Startup: Start with clean dry experience. Use foundation furthermore vision for amateurs …

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Arabic Make up

Arabic makeup #alcantaramakeup #hudabeuaty #anastasiabeverlyhills

The elegance & charm of Arabic make it quite popular in fashion industry. The makeup gives a subtle as well as bold look at the same time, which makes it unique in its own way. Whether it’s your wedding or a party, if you want to walk it like a girl in Arabian nights then Arabian makeup is perfect for …

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Organize all your makeup with makeup drawer organizers

Expand-A-Drawer Vanity Organizer in Cosmetic Drawer Organizers

For a woman, their collection of makeup is priceless, and has to be organized very thoroughly, so that they get whatever they are looking for in a jiffy. However, in most cases, women do not store their makeup in cupboards. They have drawers for them, which are constantly pulled out and pushed in. all this jerking around may cause the …

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How to get natural looking makeup

7 Tips on How to Pull Off a Natural Makeup Look Correctly in 2019

Makeup is simply that: the makeover of your look. Therefore, your make over begin with the right shading is truly important. You have to seem as though you’re not wearing makeup, yet at the same time look impeccable this is called as a natural makeup. In any case how does one wear makeup without seeming as though it? Actually, you …

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Men makeup is also gaining momentum in recent times

Makeup for Men: Fad or Future? u2013 WWD

The concept with the whole world is that make ups are only meant for girls but with the changing times and in modern days make up is also becoming very much popular with the men. Each human being wants to look good irrespective of the gender thus it is of no harm when a boy looks very handsome and smart …

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Eye makeup ideas: To get those gorgeous eyes

31 Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes | StayGlam

Basic technique used by every professional salon while putting make-up on your face is to enhance the best features and hide the blemishes; the idea is to highlight the best feature. Eyes is one of such feature which attract the attention of everyone on the first look. By putting the right make-up on your eyes, can literally transform your looks. …

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Bridal Makeup Tips

10 Essential Bridal Makeup Tips for a Perfect Wedding Look | Charu

Marriage has been the most memorable day in a person’s life. Especially, for girls it’s a day of great importance as the dream which they have seen since their childhood becomes true of the day of their marriage. Due to which they just want to look perfect on this day. They just can’t afford a single mistake to happen on …

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All you wanted to know about Kat Von D Makeup : Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Deep 66

Kat Von D Makeup is in great demand among the women. You are really required to take a look at the Kat Von D and you will certainly be able to know that why it is regarded as the epitome of the body art. It is basically regarded as one of the best lines of make ups. Some products are …

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