Saturday , 9 December 2023
Beanie crochet pattern for school going
  girls and boys

Beanie crochet pattern for school going girls and boys

The beanie crochet pattern covers your head as well as maintains your hair. The girls who have long hair can pack their hair with the help of beanie crochet patterns as well as keep their head safe from the cold. Some stylish beanie crochet patterns for the students are:

  • Crochet wide scrap beanie pattern: With the royal blue color, this pattern is liked by the standard school going girls. Put on little make up on your face to look more beautiful. Add similar eyeshadow and deep eyeliner for a wild look.
  • Yellow net crochet beanie: This yellowish crochet beanie goes with the long faces. As this is a girlish color, so highly used by the high standard school girls. For the girls who have short hairs from the front side, can use this beanie while studying as this beanie covers the front part of the head.
  • Double crochet beanie pattern: In this beanie crochet pattern, two colors are used like blue and sky combination or light green and dark green combination. It gives and attractive look to a boy as well as a girl. This pattern is mostly used by girls and boys at the time of sports.
  • Crochet shell beanie pattern: In this crochet beanie pattern, a shape of the shell is designed on the side part of the hat. You can design similar pattern by your crochet techniques. This beanie pattern suits on the girls having the big head with the long chin.

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