Sunday , 3 December 2023
Knit blanket can be an excellent gift for someone you love

Knit blanket can be an excellent gift for someone you love

A knit blanket or an afghan is actually a lightweight blanket that can be worn while sitting on the couch or while watching a movie or in bed on a lazy morning. Blankets can be made of cotton, wool or acrylic and can be used in the spring or fall when it becomes a little cool with the AC on. The look of a knit blanket depends on the choice of a double or a triple strand used while knitting. The blanket will be more airy and light with a double strand, but it will be thicker and chunkier if knitted with a triple strand. Circular needles are light and versatile so are best suited to knit blankets. They make the whole process of knitting muck faster as these needles being lighter are easy to manipulate.

Knit blankets in bright contrasting colors can add color to your room.  You can select from a large range of designs for knit blankets from the simple garter stitch to the lacy ones having intricate designs. Striped blankets can look classic if a combo of three or four colors are used. They are very easy to knit but due to the large size they may take some time to knit. It so happens that the yarn in combination with the stitch pattern creates a stretchy fabric, and the blanket might grow slightly larger in size over time. It is a fun project too as you see your blanket growing right in front of your eyes.

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