Thursday , 30 November 2023
Your guideline to crochet rug patterns

Your guideline to crochet rug patterns

Crochet rugs have been around for more than a century now with its origin stated to be in Middle East. Crochet rugs certainly make for a lovely looking floor layering. It the reason why crochet rugs are demanded by all.

The easy nature of its making, along with the budget friendly feature makes it an erstwhile need for a homeowner. Crochet rugs can be found in different patterns and designs. We’d provide you the rundown of a few of the crochet rug patterns down here. Just follow the trail.

  • The classic circle shaped
  • Nothing beats the classical look. Crochet rugs were perceived to be circular in the past. As a result we often find the circle shaped crochet rugs dominating the market. It has quite an easy to the eye look. The circle crochet rug patterns can fit into any of your rooms or hallways or even act as a bedside mat.
  • The oval shaped
  • Oval shaped crochet rugs were made to provide an elongated look. Oval shaped rugs normally fits in long rooms and halls. They cover more area than the circular ones in the flooring. Often oval shaped crochet rug pattern is preferred more.
  • The rectangular one
  • The rectangular crochet rugs were made to match the look and sizing of normal rugs that are often rectangular ones. A rectangular crochet rug patterns suit up very nicely as a floor covering. It provides the grandeur look to the room and lends comfort and warmth. A rightly matched crochet rug goes long way in providing sparkle to the room or area.

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