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How to get the 80s makeup?

How to get the 80s makeup?

The 80s was an era where loud make up, loud clothing was in vogue. Time has changed since then and fashion has become different now than it used to be. But if you want to recreate the 80s look, how will you go about it?

Below mentioned are few tips that will help you with 80s makeup. In order to get the look of 80s, you have to bring together all the tools of the trade. You will require eyeliner, eye shadow, either a very dark one or a bright one. Mascara, liquid foundation, eyelash curler, make –up brushes and lip gloss.

  • Wash your face and clean it. Use a cleanser for this purpose. Now dry your face prior to applying 80s makeup.
  • Cover up the blemishes by applying the liquid foundation. Do not try and cover up your spots and pimples by caking the foundation on them. Apply the make up with a sponge. Do not use your fingers to do the same. It will not look good.
  • Take the 80s make up brush and apply powder on your face. You must blend it well, so that you get a good finish.
  • Now use the eyeliner you want to apply to the top and bottom of your eyelids. Now smear it with your fingers to bring about the 80s look.
  • Now, use the eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes upwards. Then use the mascara   in   order to brush it over the lashes. Slowly, till you get the 80s make up look.
  • The eye shadow can be applied as you would like. But make sure it comes closest to your brow line for maximum effect.
  • After this, finish the look by applying lip gloss. It should be frosted to give the complete look of 80s.

80s Makeup (3)

The 80s make up is full of vibrant hues like blues, purples, pinks and greens. You can ask your aunts, friends and family who might be having left over make up that they kept from their 70s and 80s. Eyeliners are a must in the makeup of 80s. A black or cobalt eyeliner, pink, blue. Purple eye shadow, red lipstick, bright pink blush, blue nail polish are essential for the makeup of 80s.

Get set to recreate the 80s makeup. Everyone around will be amazed at the retro look. You will pride yourself in recreating the exact look of the 80s with your superb craftsmanship and sense of fashion and beauty of the yester years. Let everyone praise you for your excellent remake of the 80s fashion. Cheers and good luck!!!!

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