Saturday , 9 December 2023


Knitting is one of the best ways that most women use to bring out their creative work. A variety of patterns have been passed on from the old ages, with new patterns being introduced from all around the world. This makes it possible to have lots of variety when it comes to knitted blanket patterns. Some of the patterns that flatter are discussed in this article.

Honey Comb Knitting Pattern

The honeycomb knitting pattern comes from the Aran knitting patterns that emphasized the way of life as well as good fortune that the Irish people living in the Aran Island wished to have bestowed upon them. The honeycomb pattern was used to symbolize the good luck and plenty of their fishing activity. You can use yarn of different complementary colors that will work well with your current colors at home. You can also opt to have just one color for the blanket. The pattern looks very intricate but it’s not that hard to grasp and knit.

Checkered Knitted Blanket Pattern

There are a number of people who love checkered fabrics. Making a checkered knitted blanket patterns is very interesting, as well as produces very flattering designs no matter the yarn you use. To make this pattern, you will have to alternate between making squares or other preferred shapes of different colors. The key here is to use colors that work well with each other.

Motif Knitted Pattern

A motif can be added to a knitted blanket pattern to make the piece look decorative and unique. You can thus make motifs of flowers, animals, or other creatures and object that you find fancy your taste. All this is possible to do through knitted blankets.

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