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Simple knitted socks to keep the feet
  warm and cozy!

Simple knitted socks to keep the feet warm and cozy!

The word socks are familiar to everybody since a long time because the human race started using them thousands of years ago. The first socks were made around 1500 BC. The Victoria and Albert Museum have a pair of socks, which was considered to be the oldest remnant of socks used by the people of ancient Egypt. Until the industrial age rich people only used to wear socks. After that there was a mass production of these leg coverings and even common people started using them.

Different Designs of Knitted socks:

There are easy peasy blue colored socks which are made of worsted yarn, wool the design of which is very easy for even a beginner to knit. They will keep the leg warm and are usually worn by women. Even though anybody would not love to wear it very often, perhaps it is the best way to begin knitting! Another mind blowing design is that of a green colored socks having the stitching pattern of waterfalls combined with a circular decorative pattern in the center. It would be really good to knit a sock which pampers your heel by providing a space for them instead of being plain would be brilliant. This kind of socks are comfortable to wear and has a combination of different colors like green, white, blue and pink to make it colorful. The partnership of light green,pink or white will do wonders if it is worn on a toddler’s leg. Yeah, it is true that a 5 year old kid with hand knit Koigu premium Merino in his leg would be reluctant to remove them even when he is in bed!

Things the newbies should know before knitting :

All that is needed to make your fingers work is a good quality yarn which would help to knit a pair of long lasting socks. The yarn with elasticity should be chosen because it would help to keep all the stitches properly in place and would avoid giving an awful look to the socks. Buying a small piece of contrasting color yarn would add beauty to the socks. The next important thing is a set of 4mm double pointed needles, tapestry needle and a stitch holder. Before starting to knit one should not forget to take measurements. Select pattern and start stitching. With very little efforts your beautiful pair of socks is ready!

Fashion V. Utility:

The time changes and the people also change along with it. The one thing which has a short life is fashion. The old fashion dies out and is replaced by a new one. Similarly, it has become a fashion to go without socks while wearing shoes. But people are not aware of the disadvantages of it. Our feet have sweat glands, which sweat every now and then. The socks help us to keep the feet dry and save us from getting athlete’s foot and smelly feet.

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