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Fantasy make-up ideas for the vivid soul

Fantasy make-up ideas for the vivid soul

Fantasy makeup is all about fun and creativity.  Fantasy make  up are a fun way to enhance the zest in theme parties. You can be your favorite Disney princess, a character in avatar, a butterfly, an angel and live all your dreams. These days ithas gained a lot of popularity because of popular televisionshows and cosplay. A lot of brands have also started to cater to the increasing demands of lipstick shades in shades of blue, green and other shades which are not a part of regular make-up box but are vital for fantasy make-up.

In spite of the differences in the final appearance of fantasy make-up versus regular make the primary essentials are the same. Here are a few tips:

Find what works for you

Fantasies can as colorful as the rainbow and so is the cope in fantasy make-up but what may work wonders for a certain someone may not seem to work on somebody else. So, in order to bring out the best in yourmakeup it is important to find out what colors work for you as well as those which don’t. The focus should be on bringing the vibrancy and intensity in color in such a fashion that it accentuates your natural appearance, while adding drama at the same time.

If you have a naturally pale complexion then you may opt for those colors which will further enhance that effect and fall brightly, for example the make for black swan, gothic princess, evil queen or red butterfly will fall exquisitely and this look can further be enhanced with help of wigs and a colorful make-up pallet.women with a warmer skin tone can choose to be Mulan, safari princess etc. whereas those with a naturally red or pink skin tone can accentuate their looks with help of fantasy make-up for fairies and nymphs with pink theme etc.

Live your fantasy but don’t over do

We all agree that there is a lot of room for experimentation while makeups, especially if they are fantasy ones. But the key to a great makeup, whatever kind it may be, is not to over do it. Try many different styles, ask a lot of people about their opinions and then finalize to what extent you want the makeup to be.

It can be used anywhere from Halloweens to themed parties and you can dress up anything from a pumpkin to a kitty or a butterfly. It is great and joyous to dress up so out of the box but while doing makeup, just don’t overdo it.

Experiment is the key to effective fantasy makeup

There are various things you can experiment with. You can become a fairy with bold use of eyeliners and eyeshadows. You can otherwise have face paintings on your cheek. These face paintings can be made to compliment the theme of a party or can be done simply for fun. There is a lot to explore and is the key to your fantasy makeup.

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