Thursday , 29 February 2024
Hexagon crochet patterns to make beautiful blankets

Hexagon crochet patterns to make beautiful blankets

Hexagons are the most popular motifs today for blankets, stuffed toys and what not. The African flower hexagon is by far the most attractive motif. Though a hexagon has six sides and six corners but in crochet these corners are more like points that can be stitched together.

Crocheting hexagon shaped motifs is as simple as the square shapes but these are very appealing to the eyes. There are a lot of variations in every row while crocheting but it can all seem very easy if we follow the instructions clearly and continue as shown in the tutorials. A little concentration is all it takes but the reward in the shape of the finished product is definitely great.  A hexagon motif can be either made in one solid color or can be also made with the motif of a flower in the center. The color and design of the flower can be different but they all look very attractive. In the hexagon crochet patterns the number of stitches are the same on all sides so you can join them together by sewing them up to make anything from a table runner to a large bed throw or a blanket. The visual impact of a colorful throw on the bed gives a very contemporary yet traditional granny square look. These multicolored throws made with the hexagon crochet patterns are quite snug and lightweight and can add to the décor of your home to make your living dream come true.

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