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Drag Queen Makeup Tips and process

Drag Queen Makeup Tips and process

Drag Queen fashion and the ability of alteration is occasionally a well kept deal top secret.  Some major stream makeup submissions don’t use well to haul queens. Drag Queen will overstate definite uniqueness such as eyelashes and makeup’s for dramatic, comic or mocking effect. Drag queens can differ by category and culture. Different drag queen artists use different makeup for them. But they look like almost same because the pattern is the same.

Vital things that you have to need

For Drag queen makeup you need some cosmetic tools that will help you to make this. Generally the things that you need are, a glue stick, cream or moisturizers, foundation, concealer, makeup brushes for even and easy organize. Then you also need, Blush pallet, Eyeliner, Eye –shadow, mascara, Tweezers, eyelashes, lipsticks, etc. Make sure that your face is dirt free and oil free and wreckage and that you have put on your daylight cream and or moisturizer.  A nice foundation primer assists stay your makeup on and your skin clean.

How to cover your eyebrow

When you are doing drag queen makeup, generally people may ask in what way they will do eyebrow makeup because it’s one of the important makeup’s in this purpose.  Well, there are three ways through which you can do this. The first method is, use a tube of white concealer pan stick on your thick eyebrow. The, you will use a foundation dust for setting the concealer. Use your preferred foundation over this and you should be superior to go. This process will work well on glow to average eyebrow color. Use Glue Stick to the eyebrow, creating sure to squarely apply the paste. Then with your finger flat out the paste gently. As the Glue starts to try applying some foundation and do again until flat. After your forehead has totally dried up, use your pencil and foundation in your novel eyebrows with your preferred eye coating pencil. The third method is, the most time overwhelming and could be the messiest. Take the gum and brush on eyebrow, then spirit the gum gets sticky then apply the wax, rubbing it and smoothing it out with your finger. Take the surplus and move to the other eyebrow, and do again.

Other parts of the makeup

Apart eyebrow, there are other parts which you have to make for a drag queen. Like, you have to apply foundation on your face properly. After foundation set, and you’re shadowing, highlights, and curve done. Then you can continue to the next thrilling pace in your makeup extravaganza. Also, you have to add lipstick and lip gloss on your lips. After completing all your drag queen make up, you have to choose a proper dress to wear for this purpose and ready to go!

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