Thursday , 29 February 2024


Crocheting a blanket to obtain a crochet blanket involves many patterns and styles. There are some basic steps which are pre-requisite to crochet a blanket and many other different techniques for obtaining different patterns.


The intended size of the finished blanket should be determined before commencing the work. The type of the yarn to be used depends upon factors such as thickness of the blanket and the skills one possesses in crocheting. For a lap blanket three or four skeins of yarn is sufficient while double that amount is required for a large blanket. As far as hook selection is concerned small hooks are suitable for tight stitches and hence warmer blankets, but having said that it is essential to mention that bigger hooks such as size N is appropriate for beginners. As they gather some experience in crocheting it is easy to gradually switch over to small hooks.

The patterns of stitching are many and can even be created by individuals. Some of them are simple row pattern, granny row pattern, zig-zag rows etc.

Anyone who wants to learn crocheting and make their crochet blanket can now get easy access to various tutorials in the internet. There is a plethora of videos and websites where one can easily learn the different methods to crochet blanket, hats etc. There are many patterns available to crochet blanket by different designers and the people who are actively involved in the art of crocheting can consistently improve their skills and creativity by studying these patterns and designs.

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