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Crochet Placemat Pattern ALICIA Placemats PDF | Etsy

For most homes, placemats just serve as protective mats at the dining tables, and only a few people know how to use these small items as a way of adding to the interior décor. For improvement of the overall feel and look of your home, crochet placemats are a perfect choice because of the following reasons. Good Fabric Placemats come …

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Get a Nice Wearing with Tricot Crochet

Fantasy cotton Glamour: yarn, cotton and accessories LIDIA CROCHET

Tricot crochet combines the best of knitting and crochet. The stitches on it look like knitting and the hook that is used in it look like crochet. The design of tricot is quite inspiring and the look is very impressive. Dated back, it was used to seen in streets and in many fashion magazines. Now, the fashion world is repeating …

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Get a trendy look with black jumper

black jumper unisex cotton rich jumper GVKBEIG

Buying a jumper with a correct color is always tricky as you need to consider the color of both jumper and the top you will coordinate with it. If you can afford multiple colors of jumpers it will be best for you, but if you want to choose any one color then black jumper will be best for you. The …

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Best makeup tips to use

Best Makeup Tips and Tricks u2013 27 Life Savers for Women

Who does not want to look like a million dollar babe? A classy attrite, elegant jewellery and lovely pair of heels are sure to make one look smashing good looking. But the one thing that rules the look book is a perfectly done makeup. And buoy it is a challenge to achieve best makeup for one’s face. It’s a craft …

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Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles: admire it!

50 Athletic Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles - Men Hairstyles World

Cristiano Ronaldo is among the best plays of football in present time. He is only challenged by one or two legends of present football teams. Cristiano Ronaldo is best known for his strength, speed, and specially his most amazing hairstyles which he uses to change time to time. With great looks and style of his hairs he have a very …

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Nike clothes – choosing some of the best clothes

sweater nike clothes hoodie grey black sportswear nike hoodie nike hoodie  grey hoodie grey URQXYFX

Nike is well known for the quality products, and the quality is been reflected in the products consistent look on the lists of top product reviews. Suppose you’re looking for the best apparel that fits your rightly, moves as well as breathes, you must then try on the Nike clothes. Because Nike is one popular brand that you must find …

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Get right cycle clothing for a comfortable ride

cycle clothing guides LGIJMOF

People around the globe have a strong passion for cycling; some consider it as an activity for leisure where some cycle for their fitness. If you are among out of these two groups of people you need a quality cycle with fine quality cycling clothing and other accessories required for it. It will help in improving your performance and comfort. …

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Know more about the newest trends in Korean makeup

8 Korean Makeup Tricks to Look Younger | Byrdie

Korean models are dominating the fashion campaigns these days and the k-pop idols are a great rage among teenagers today. Korean makeup has become very popular in today’s world. Here are few of the latest trends in Korean makeup. A glowing complexion is essential to get that fresh look. The Korean innovation – the air cushion is the ideal product …

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Expose your love through Cardigan knitting patterns clothes

Cocoon Cardigan | Knitting | Knitting, Knitting patterns, Cardigan

Cardigan knitting patterns are the finest outfit for an entire season. The finest knitting designs have been coming from a home, which gives the classical look to the clothing. Most of the patterns are made by hand. You have to accept that if anything comes from home, it always gives some sort of comfort to you. The cardigan knitting patterns …

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Some free crochet bag patterns that are easy to do

Two Hour Tote | Free Crochet Bag Patterns | Crochet, Crochet

Aside from the clothes and stilettos in every woman’s closet, the other things you can find are the bags and purses galore. Often women would use bags and purses when going out to match their clothes and make their look complete. They have their regular bag that they use every day to work, special purses to carry on their date …

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Single Crochet Beanie for Beginners |

Crocheting a basic hat to make a crochet beanie hat saves money by using one’s own accessories and is also suitable as a custom made gift for a friend. A new hat can be made by using the art of crocheting coupled with a little bit of patience. STEPS INVOLVED Following are the steps required to construct a crochet beanie …

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Hand Knitted Sweaters Flair up Your Beauty

Hand knit sweater | Etsy

Winter is approaching and we are taking preparation to protect ourselves. The best way for this is the collection of Hand Knit Sweaters. These hand knit sweaters not only give you a good look but you can use these sweaters according to the function also. You may get variety of designs in hand knit sweaters. Normally these hand knit sweaters …

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Important of Crochet newborn hat

The Parker Newborn Hat |

Crochet is a very healthy activity to take part in if you have sufficient time for it. It is a hobby which requires time and patience not only to learn but also to continue it. It is similar to knitting and is different only in the way stitches are finished in it and the tools used in the hobby. Crochet …

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