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34 Patterns for Crochet Curtains | Inhabit Zone

Whether you like modern or traditional designs, there are some crochet curtains out there that will perfectly fit and add beauty to your windows at home. Decorating a house isn’t a matter of only focusing only on the latest designs. Even with traditional stuff and creative designs, you can make your home a unique and stylish one.  Here are reasons …

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Modern Crochet Patterns for you that can décor your home

Modern Crochet Patterns: 23 Crochet Projects for Your Electronics

This winter season, as you are demanding for the crochet patterns to clad over your body as your home is also demands the same.  There are many types of crochet patterns that can be easily made. The basic difference between modern and traditional crochet pattern is the design. In the modern crochet pattern, the designers have come with several ideas. …

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Crochet Christmas Ornament Pattern Woodland Animal Crochet | Etsy

Crochet Christmas ornaments are suitable for brightening up the Christmas especially for the children. These ornaments are present in various designs and beautiful patterns which can be created and designed at home too. Let’s have a look at the various patterns. DIFFERENT CROCHET CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS Crochet Santa’s belly ornaments, Crochet Wreath ornament, Pip’s crocheted Christmas baubles, Crochet Peppermint ornament, Picot …

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Things you should know about crochet shrug

Lightweight + Easy Crochet Shrug - Free Pattern - Make & Do Crew

Shrugs have always been in the fashion trend for as long as one can remember. It’s perfectly fitting small cropped jacket-like look gives a fine testament to the personality. It has effectively become a staple in every women’s wardrobe. Crochet shrugs are perfect little attire to ward off any thin chills in the air. Just dress it over your cloth …

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Your premium guide on crochet stitches

12 Stunning Crochet Stitches | The Unraveled Mitten

Crocheting is a simple process of weaving a yarn with the use of specialized crochet hooks. It’s as easy as it seems. All you need to do is loop over the fabric to create an interlock so as to gain a basic outline of the product you’re making. However, all these are just beginner styled procedure. If you want the …

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Changing trends yet bring some amazing knitted tunic

2019 Knitted Tunic Turtleneck Sweater In BLACK ONE SIZE | ZAFUL

To discover a variety of fashionable items into the fashion world is one of the most important tasks to be done by every other person these days. You need hundreds of items today to freshen up your look. Due to the constant changing of fashion, the means of staying comfortable, warm in winter, and cooler in summers have become a …

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Beanie crochet pattern for school going girls and boys

Crochet PATTERN - Easy Crochet Pattern - Crochet Slouchy Hat Pattern

The beanie crochet pattern covers your head as well as maintains your hair. The girls who have long hair can pack their hair with the help of beanie crochet patterns as well as keep their head safe from the cold. Some stylish beanie crochet patterns for the students are: Crochet wide scrap beanie pattern: With the royal blue color, this pattern …

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Short going stylish: Cute hairstyles for short hair

30 Cute Hairstyles With Braids For Short Hair 2017 2018 | Hair

With a plethora of options and styles available, choosing a hair style can be quite confusing.  Trimming your hair short is a new trend that has been on a rise in the past few years. And this style is somewhat revolutionary and is quite contrary to the general stereotype. So let us delve and explore why short hairs are becoming …

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Windy Wavy Hair In Wave Hairstyle

❤❤❤217 Great Hair & Makeup Inspiration Pictures❤❤❤ | Pinterest

A familiar way to perk up your style is by summing up some waves. Many wave styles can be corresponded for short and medium length hair. Come out with an easy contemporary twist like a textured, Beach waves. It is easy to carry out some relaxed hairdo without the use of hot tools with a few braids and rubber hair …

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How does a makeup organizer keep your makeup in place?

The 11 Best Makeup Organizers on Amazon - Allure

A makeup organizer is a compact bag which helps you keep your everyday makeup goods safe and secure and very easily accessible to you, it may be defined as a compact bag or an organizer which keeps all your everyday makeup in a single place, and always visible to eyes, placed as close as your fingertips. This makeup organizer helps …

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Bring back simple elegance with matte makeup

5 Ways to Wear Matte Makeup - Real Simple

For a very long time, glitter and shimmer and shine have been very popular in the market. Everyone, including celebrities has been using such products for a really long time. However, the current fashion scenario demands that simple elegance be brought back, and again, things like pastel colors and matte makeup is back in vogue. Matte makeup products are available …

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Choose the hair design you like to enhance your style

Brewer Phillips Hair Design - San Rafael - Marin's Premiere Salon

A good looking individual, be it a man or a woman has certain common traits that make him or her adorable in the society. You guessed it right the traits do pertain to an individual’s looks and appearances. And the most important part of the human body that augments a person’s appearance is the human hair. Maintain hair to stay …

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