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Wedding makeup: a makeup once done in the
  whole life

Wedding makeup: a makeup once done in the whole life

Wedding makeup, this is not a joke for the girls going to marry. Girls are always quite conscious about makeup and when you are talking about their wedding makeup, they would start preparing for the makeup two or three days before the wedding. Most of the girls prefer makeup from the beauty parlors, but few others have different opinions. They prefer doing makeup themselves with their own makeup kit since they don’t like the makeup kit used by others.

Of course, if you pay higher, you will get a fresh kit for you in the beauty parlor as well. Before starting the wedding makeup, a few preparations are necessary that should be obeyed. Little girls do not come out of their houses before their wedding. This is quite helpful because pollution and gases coming out of vehicles affect the skin cells making your face dull. Not only this, the sunlight gives you a tanned texture; try to avoid that.

The next is a few points that should be kept in mind. Firstly, who is doing your makeup? Is it you or any expert from beauty salon? It’s obvious that you would take a long time for you makeup since you do not do such kind of makeup regularly. Next is, if you are up for your wedding makeup, then make sure you have all the necessary brushes and other items that are necessary for the makeup. Make sure you know what are the steps and procedures to follow to do the makeup.

Wedding makeup has a huge difference from the regular makeup that you are used to. So, what kind of makeup kit you are using, is a big factor. Always the costly material will not suit your skin. So, be sure to get the exact brand products that suit your skin, since this makeup will last for almost 24 hours.

The first thing you need to do before applying any kind of makeup is to clean your face skin. A normal face wash is not enough for this. Of course you have to wash your face and apply some face pack, then try to apply some ice and cucumber which makes your skin glow. A coat of foundation on your skin will hide all the pores and dead skin cells if any. Apply shimmer on eyelids and blend edges. It is better to take the help of someone for the blending. Apply false lashes, mascara and define brows.

These are the basic and common for all kinds of wedding. Now, different traditions and cultures follow different types of wedding makeup. But the basic things would be common. Also keep in mind, the makeup should go with the wedding theme and a proper makeup is incomplete without proper hair setting.

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