Thursday , 30 November 2023
The list of crochet accesories to accompany your crochet wedding dress

The list of crochet accesories to accompany your crochet wedding dress

Going to plan a wedding soon? Wondering to do something different to stand out in the crowd? Go crochet and be the new status quo. Start with a fine crochet wedding dress. Then make sure you have the following essentials checked in your to –do list to go full crochet.

Crochet wedding shawl –  If you decide to go full crochet on your wedding day, make yourself the centre of attention by choosing a simple design crochet shawl. Don’t make the beauty of your hair stay inside a shawl. Mix the beauty of crochet to let your hair flow with the shawl. But always choose a light colour, preferably white.

Bridal Garter:  To have a nice velvety touch choose a silk crochet for the wedding garter. To give it a soft woollen touch, choose the merino wool crochet to wrap the flowers. The only disadvantage is the bride may not want to throw it and keep it with her.

Crochet necklace:  Nothing stands out in terms of elegance, as much as a beautiful crochet necklace does. Give a royal touch to your neck.

Wedding glove –  The very art of crochet is to conceal and reveal to a fine balance. Your beautiful hands should be open to all to see, yet be hidden as tradition demands. So use crochets gloves to save your hands for this injustice.

Flowers crochet –  Flowers are one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding; save a few bucks and crochet your own! This is also a great idea because your bouquet will last forever. Send your flower girl down the aisle with this cute crocheted basket.

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