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A simple and useful bulky fingerless gloves knitting pattern

A simple and useful bulky fingerless gloves knitting pattern

If you are a person who is always cold even when you are indoors then fingerless gloves are an absolute essential for you. These are best to wear at all times- whether during work or when knitting as it enables your fingers to move freely. These bulky fingerless gloves are also perfect to wear outdoors as it makes you stay warm. The fingerless gloves knitting pattern is as follows:

You will need materials like one ball of super chunky wool, two pairs of circular needles of size 15 US, scissors, crochet hook or yarn needle, a stitch holder, stitch marker as an optional and a gauge.

The size of the completed fingerless gloves project will be about 9 inches in length and about 8 inches around. The gloves would go over the entire palm and cover at least half of the forearm on a small woman. And it covers the thumb that goes up to the knuckle. You can adjust the length of the gloves as per your wish. When stretched a little they can perfectly fit a medium sized man as well.

For the fingerless gloves knitting pattern, you must cast on 18 stitches using one double pointed needle or a set of circular needles. Then the stitches must be slid to the needle’s other end and the first nine stitches that were casted on to the second circular needle must be slipped. Now before the last stitch done on the second needle, you must place a stitch marker is you wish to mark the row’s end. Finally join in the round and make sure that you don’t twist the stitches.

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