Thursday , 30 November 2023


Christmas tree is a fundamental part of any Christmas party. Like various other items many designs of Crochet Christmas tree are also available and it is quite fun to crochet the various types of Christmas tree and display it at the Christmas party.


Crochet Christmas tree by Helen Free can be made by using thread for a smaller tree and a bulkier yarn to make a larger tree. Christmas trees on Sugar and cream pattern with buttons is a good décor and can be made in small and large sizes.

Chain Christmas trees on Seams of Life can be made by a novice crocheter as well. These are beautiful crochet Christmas trees. Crochet Christmas tree designed by TheCrochetCrowd uses crocodile stitch to make an excellent and aesthetically appealing Christmas tree. Little trees is the name given to the Crochet Christmas tree designed by Kala Hotakainen is made by Aran weight green yarn which is held by colourful novelty yarn. It is a small and sweet tree.

Merry Christmas tree from A La Sascha is made with worsted yarn. It is another charming Christmas tree.  Easy-Peasy Christmas trees by P J Allen uses two strands of novelty yarn which is bulky in weight held together. It is a stylish and fancy tree.

White Christmas tree on Crochetville is a foot tall and the gold on whitw design is very beautiful and unique.

These were some of the beautiful crochet Christmas trees which one can try making at home.

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