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Contemporary and vintage filet crochet patterns for all

Contemporary and vintage filet crochet patterns for all

A beautiful and unique technique which uses chain and double crochet stiches is the filet crochet. Sometimes it also makes use of other stitches and lacets to create filled-in blocks and open meshes. These elements can be arranged to create beautiful and intricate designs that feature butterflies, flowers or other motifs. To give you a visual image of the design to begin your work the designs and pictures are usually charted.

The following are some examples of the vintage and contemporary style free filet crochet patterns that you can make use of in your crochet projects.

Checkered Diamond Filet Crochet Patterns

This unique type of filet crochet pattern is very versatile and there are two versions of this pattern available. One version is a repeating pattern which can be used for any size of crochet project while the other filet crochet pattern chart is suitable for square designs.

Diamond Square Filet Crochet pattern

In this square design filer crochet pattern, the focal point is a diamond. You can also try to crochet this design in tapestry crochet.

Filet Crochet Hearts Trim

This pattern includes lovely alternating hearts and this design can be used to pattern linens, pillowcases, sheets and also clothing.

Vintage Rose filet crochet pattern with Lacets

The vintage rose pattern features a lacy effect seen in the pattern’s background. This is perfect for stitching a romantic and beautiful filet crochet design. You can also pair this design with other coordinating flowers you prefer instead of rose.

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