Tuesday , 28 November 2023
3 rules to keep in mind when wearing dress coats with jeans

3 rules to keep in mind when wearing dress coats with jeans

Many people think that it is a mistake to pair up dress costs and jeans but I see no issue in that, as long as certain rules are respected. For anyone who wants to pair Dress Coats with jeans, I will recommend that you follow the five tips below:

Do Not Break-up Your Last Coat

I recurrently observed that many Gentlemen own only one suit. This Dress Coat was often purchased for Special or important events. So if you got just a single suit then I cannot recommend you to pair it up with a jean. This is because Dress Coats with a dedicated trouser so your Jacket may get damaged or discolored if over washed. And it might be expensive if you want to have to buy another dress coat every time you have an important event.

Does The Dress Coat Jacket Fits You?

Never attempt to pair a Dress coat Jacket with jeans if the Jacket is too big or too small. The ideal size should be comfortable for your shoulders allowing you to easily move your arms back and forth.

Just Chose the Right Type of Jeans

If you decide to wear jeans with Dress Coats then you should be sure to wear the right type of jean. I recommend that you wear uniform colors and avoid stonewashed jeans or denim with ill-fitted looks.

If you follow these three essential rules then you will be able to see when a jean and a dress Coat Jacket will be compatible.

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