Tuesday , 16 April 2024
Wrap an easy crochet baby blanket, around
  your baby for a deep nap

Wrap an easy crochet baby blanket, around your baby for a deep nap

Searching for a special baby shower gift you want to gift to your special friend? Well a one bought from the store would sure look nice but the personal touch will be missing. For example, you could make a nice space to weave in the name of the baby at a corner. It would be a thing to cherish for life. There is nothing more of sentimental value than creating a gift. The effort becomes the gift, and you can be assured that it will stay on for a long time. Here are some tips to make an easy crochet baby blanket.

  1. Material – You have to make sure that the quality of yarn or the wool you use, is soft and of young sheep. If you can get your hands on some merino wool grab them at once as they are extremely soft and easy to work with. Request for baby yarn that is specially suited for baby’s delicate skin.
  2. Color – Babies instinctively love bright colors. They are attracted to any object that stands out. Make it fresh and visually appealing by mixing colors of the same kind. Let it be simple and pure. A rainbow color combination has always been popular with babies.
  3. Pattern – Let your imagination run wild in designing some easy crochet baby blankets. You can go with a triangular stream of alternating color, or a wave-ripple design that can have a calming effect on the babies mind. Or, you can let the patterns rest and make a simple single color crochet blanket.

So pick up the crochet hook and order the yarn to get ready for some creative pastime, while creating a gift with tremendous sentimental value. Make an easy crochet baby blanket today, to be that cherished mom or aunt tomorrow.

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