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Your go-to guide on crochet snood pattern

Your go-to guide on crochet snood pattern

Snood is known as the hairnet worn over the back of the head of a woman. Snood is made up of different variants of fabrics and textures. One of such snood variant is crochet one.

Crochet snood pattern is the one made by weaving the fabric using crochet hooks. They add up as a nice looking accessory on attire. This snood provides warmth alongside a special attractiveness to your personality.

We’d discuss the different patterns of crochet snood down here. Go on, read it.

  • The vintage crochet snood pattern
  • Nothing looks great than the classical vintage patterns. Crochet snood has been in the trend for a long time. You can look back upon the time for inspiration from the past of various snood designs and patterns. The prime ones were the bow crochet ones or the perky ones alongside the looping and the beaded ones.
  • Two-color tone pattern
  • This crochet snood features the fusion of two colors. You decide on your colors and create a masterpiece with it. These dual-color ones provide better contrast than the others.
  • The cowl pattern
  • This cowl patterned crochet snood doubles up as a snood and a neckline layering. Its multi-functional faucet provides a nice sighting to it. Use chunky fabrics to blend in better vibes to the snood.
  • The fishnet pattern
  • It’s the most common of the available snood patterns. It resembles the fishnet design where the fabrics are kept intact by looping over the locks. It’s also a classic staple of crochet snood pattern.

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