Sunday , 25 February 2024


Anyone who is interested in crocheting ripple Afghans can easily find varieties of crochet ripple pattern for Afghans. There are many patterns which can be learnt through the internet easily. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Chevy afghan ripple pattern, Colourful ripple afghan, Mountain mist aghan pattern, Rainbow ripple crochet pattern, Zig-zag classical ripple afghan, Easy ripple afghan pattern, Popcorn ripple afghan pattern, Crochet ripple baby blanket, Eyelet ripple crocheted pattern, Crazy ripple blanket, V-stitch crochet ripple afghan, Ribbed ripple reversible afghan, Dogwood blossom heirloom baby afghan, Eight point round ripple preemie afghan, Granny ripple afghan, Lace V-stitch ripple afghan, Crocheted shell ripple afghan, Teal round ripple blanket, Chain ripple blanket, Melon ripple afghan, Masculine ripple afghan, Rustic ripple crochet afghan, Neat ripple pattern, Nine pointed star ripple afghan, Cozy round ripple blanket, Soft clusters autumn ripple afghan, Grannie ripple afghan, Simple filet ripple afghan, Crossed double crochet ripple afghan, Ripple romance afghan, Red, White and Blue ripple afghan, Wavy squares crocheted afghan, Rainbow sherbet afghan, Neutral crochet ripple afghan, Shell and stripe ripple afghan, Naptime ripple baby afghan and Madrid pattern of ripple afghan.

These were some of the types of crochet ripple pattern for Afghans and blankets. There are many online tutorials by different crochet designers where anyone can learn such patterns and make their own crocheted ripple blankets and Afghans. There are detailed diagrams and instructions in many websites and many others offer video tutorials where one can see the video and learn.

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