Sunday , 3 December 2023
Tips to make Crochet Hooded Scarf

Tips to make Crochet Hooded Scarf

Crochet hooded scarf is suitable in chilly climatic conditions and keeps you warm. Even though you can find numerous ways to make the scarf, only two styles are opted by most of the people. The first approach takes the hood and stitched directly into a scarf. Next is made the hood into two pieces and joins with a scarf.  A large scarf is a good option for putting hood from one side to another side so that it also covers neck parts. After finishing the hood, fold it properly. The stitches are important in order to a crochet hooded scarf. Take a needle with yarn stitch over folded parts and the stitch should stop your head height.

Generally, people prefer the second approach, because it’s easier to stitch and finishing time is also less. You can independently make scarf and hood then combined the both pieces.  This method offers you the advantage that stitching through the head or the back. You can either make the crochet hooded scarf is narrow or large as you wish. Take the measurement before start the hood. A height can be taken from measuring one side of the shoulder to another side crossing through a head. A width is a measure by measuring from the backside of the head to how much long hood your exact need.  If you have an interest in more innovation, just go to the on-line to get ideas on crochet hooded scarf. In addition, you will get more ideas and designs on how to make it a perfect fit.

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