Thursday , 30 November 2023
Your guide to making creative, easy
  crochet hat patterns

Your guide to making creative, easy crochet hat patterns

What is a better way to accompany your casuals with a fashionable crochet hat?! Conventional hats, have become a too mainstream to let you stand out in the crowd. You can buy one off the brick and mortar store or from any online retailers. But what better way to truly celebrate your hat by making one yourself. Especially, when crochet art is so easy to master. So pick up the hook, slender the thread and be ready for some tips on making easy crochet hat patterns.

  1. Wire jungle – Make small circular chains and connect them horizontally and vertically to make up the total hat. Alternate between a maximum of 4 colors and soon be ready receive compliments.
  2. Line paradise – For the lover of parallel lines fashion, go ahead and choose a simple color like grey or sober orange and make smooth crocheted lines towards the top. Wrap the whole hat with parallel lines with grooves in between. If you want to go multiple color make the lines thicker, to amplify each color.
  3. Diamond hill – Start by making diamond motifs, and pile them one on top of another, until you reach the top. Make it singular in color but make sure to detail the boundary of each motif with black.
  4. Jigsaw puzzle – Create bigger motifs to let your hair flow with your hat. The most simple to make just keep making interconnecting motifs until the total is complete.

Start with these four designs and let your imagination flow wild, with new creative easy crochet hat patterns.

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