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Natural makeup: a makeup for regular use

Natural makeup: a makeup for regular use

Natural beauty is one of the best things of girls, but they do makeup just to make them look more elegant and beautiful. Most of the boys do not understand about makeup at all but not to mention that many makeup artists are boys and they are more famous than any other female makeup artists. If you ask any makeup artist about the types of makeup, you would know that makeup artists broadly classify makeup into two parts, one is wedded makeup, a makeup has once done in a lifetime and natural makeup that is for the regular purpose.

Many makeup artists simply say do not apply makeup regularly for any kind of artificial thing for your skin is harmful. But there are many brands around that are quite costly and are fully made of natural things. Though some brands may be costly and uses natural products, they might not suit your skin. This is the most important point for the natural makeup since this makeup is applied on a regular basis and if some makeup brand is not suiting your skin, do not apply on your face. You face skin is 3 times more sensitive than your hand’s skin. They react very quickly for anything that is not suited and may result in rashes.

What is included in your natural makeup or regular makeup kit? Surely the first thing is a face wash. It is quite necessary for everyone. Next is Kajal or eye liner. These are used to highlight your eyes and give it a nice shape. Face powder is also a common thing that replaces foundation. Foundation is the best thing that smoothens your skin and hide any unevenness in your skin. But applying foundation regularly is not possible if you are a working lady and going office since applying this takes time.

Natural makeup might include nail polish sometimes. Few ladies love nail art on their long nails. But that is not a part of regular use since a nail polish lasts at least a week. But if someone loves the different colors on their nails regularly, then nail polish remover becomes a part of the daily makeup kit.

Coming to lips; lip gloss or lipstick and lip liner is something girls use very frequently. Girls generally have a huge collection of these three at home. But for regular use, they prefer some light and natural color like natural pink. Hence natural makeup kit includes lip gloss and lipstick at least.

Most of the girls carry side purse. The things that are in that purse are a small natural makeup kit like this with necessary lip gloss. Girls love to take care of their lips. So next time if someone asks you what you are carrying in your side purse, just tell them makeup kit, most of them will not question back you since all interest will be gone.

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