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Baby blanket crochet PATTERNS TO TRY OUT

Baby blanket crochet PATTERNS TO TRY OUT

Crocheting your own baby blanket can be a very rewarding endeavor to undertake. Not only will it bring you closer to becoming an expert crotchetier, but it will also help in bonding with your baby. Something magical always happens when you make something for someone. Here are a few patterns you can try out.

Ripple Stitch Pattern

The ripple stitch, when done expertly can produce a very lovely baby blanket crochet. You can choose to use either one color or mix different colors of yarn for the blanket, depending on your style. What’s more, you can use another type of stitch, such as the puff stitch or the chevron stitch to produce an intricate but pretty baby blanket.

Cable Afghan Pattern

The cable pattern is one of the many Aran patterns that are commonly used on sweaters. You can however still use it on your baby blanket crochet. For this project, you can combine the cable stitch with other stitches, such as the seed stitch, and learn how to knit and purl. It is a bit difficult for those without knowledge on crocheting, but manageable to those with some experience.

Hooded Baby Blankets

Apart from making just a blanket for your baby, you can add a hood on one of the corners of the blanket. The patterns used can vary from the easy to do seed stitch to even the chevron stitch, depending on your level of expertise.

By using these simple patterns you can truly gift your baby with something that will be treasured for many days to come.

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