Sunday , 25 February 2024


Crocheting a Christmas stocking is a good idea. There are many patterns of crochet Christmas stocking to choose from and make or buy from the various outlets. These are creative and adorable designs which are sure to be liked by the children.


These are some of the attractive patterns of crochet Christmas stocking.

African flower Christmas stocking, Aubrey’s stocking, Lace Christmas stocking, Bright striped stocking, Simple striped Santa stocking, Swirls crochet stocking, Granny square Christmas stocking, Mini Christmas stocking, Cat paws Christmas stocking, Open work stockings, Christmas stocking Amigurumi, Olive Christmas dog stocking, Holly stocking, Christmas tree stocking, Snowman stocking, Polka dot stocking, Elf stockings, Tractor design stocking, Puppy love Christmas stocking, Christmas morning stocking, Christmas Plarn stocking, Quick and easy stocking, Red granny square Christmas stocking, Button Christmas stocking, Cable stocking, Holiday ripple stocking, Holiday cheer stocking, Baby girl’s Christmas stocking, Merry Christmas stocking, Sir Owliver Wizard stocking, Big Christmas stocking, Lacy top crochet stocking, Judith’s little stocking, Mini personality stocking and Glittery stocking.

Some examples of crochet Christmas stockings are Crochet Brighton Christmas stockings, Sweet pink lace stocking, Scrappy crochet Christmas stocking, Minion stocking, Fishnet crochet Christmas stocking, Crochet dog stocking, Custom made crochet Christmas stocking, Vintage crochet Christmas stocking, Burgundy lace Christmas stocking, Primitive Christmas crochet stocking, Red and Forest green crocheted granny square Christmas stocking, Ballet Christmas stocking and Camo stockings.

Many more patterns are available in crocheted Christmas stockings in the various online as well as offline stores.

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