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Things you should know about crochet rug

Things you should know about crochet rug

Time has really changed. What was once perceived as a product of functionality has now become an item of essential décor. Let’s break the ice, we’re talking about rugs. Often in the age-old rugs were just for their sole purpose. However, in this modern age it has become a piece of attractive accessory.

Rugs have always been known for their different variants. There’s a new addition to its variants that’s trending up quite high right now. It’s the crochet rug. You may question, ‘Are you serious’? You bet I am.

We’ll let you know about crochet rugs down below.

  • Crochet rugs are said to have originated in the 1900’s in the Middle East. It was said to have been an effective form of traveler rug for long.
  • Crochet rugs can be made out of any yarn or fabric. Thinking of throwing away your old jeans or old tees. Don’t do it. Create a crochet rug with it. You’ll have a fine looking rug to attend to.
  • Crochet rugs can be made either by sewing or locking of fabrics by use of hooks or simply by making loops and circling the rounds of the fabrics. The loops will lock in the shape and the rug would stick around for long.
  • Crochet rugs are an effective piece of décor accessory. They add warmth and cozy-ness to the home. They fit into any room or hall quite easily.
  • Crochet rugs can be made into different patterns and shapes. A few examples would be heart-shaped, oval shaped, square, the classic circle shaped and more. You’d be amazed by the choices.

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