Thursday , 30 November 2023
Your guide to different crochet sock

Your guide to different crochet sock pattern

Crochet sock pattern are a fine winter layering for the feet and toes. They snugly wrap around on the feet and protects against any potential winter chills and colds. It’s a proper winter staple for everyone out there.

Nothing beats the feel of wool against your skin, warming it all the while during the winter months. Often the body parts more prone to loss of temperature is feet. As such this covers your fit nicely in its shell and provides warmth to you. Who wouldn’t love a little bit of warmth during the winter?

We here shall list out a few of the crochet sock pattern that are running trendy in the market. Do check upon them.

  • Small shell socks
  • This pattern of crochet socks uses yarn and hooks to weave them into a mould of socks. It’s normally made a toe-up version. A pretty easy to make pattern to try your hands upon.
  • Domino socks
  • How about this? Made up through the same weaving technology as of small shell socks, this uses different yarns to produce a contrasting domino effect. This crotched pattern makes up for a pleasant sight to the eye.
  • Thong socks
  • As the name goes, it’s in the mould of a thong. It’s made by looping the yarn with the hooks to create a separation in the toe design. Here, the bigger toe is separated from the other toes, just the way it is in a thong.
  • A chain sock
  • Do you love some innovation? Then this might be just the right one for you. This pair of socks is made by blending the crocheting and knitting works together. It makes a highly durable and fine-looking socks.

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