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Tips on How to Don the Perfect Japanese

Tips on How to Don the Perfect Japanese Makeup

Japanese women are gorgeous with their seemingly flawless skin and silky hair. And with their great sense of style and elegance, they always manage to carry themselves pretty well. The Japanese have always allured the world with their somewhat outlandish, yet classy looks. So, let us divulge into some of Japanese makeupsdaily routines and beauty tips.

Base Makeup

Everything goes well only if it’s done properly, from the very beginning. So, if you are looking for that perfect Japanese look, foundation with a flawless finish, a compact or powder case and some loose powder is all you need to get yourself started. A quality primer and concealer coupled with a classy highlighter will definitely add to your Japanese look. Yellow tones suit Japanese skin tones because of their warm features. So, if you’re not Japanese, you’re probably going to have to experiment a bit to find the right tone. Any expert makeup artist will tell you don’t have to apply foundation all over our face to achieve a Japanese makeover. As with everything else Japanese, efficiency is key. And, makeup artists will tell you that you should routinely only be applying primer and a concealer, while using foundation only on the parts that really need it. This gives your skin a more natural look as not every inch of it is covered in foundation.

The Mid-layer

Concealer should be applied to the face very delicately, to ensure that the look doesn’t seem overdone. Applying liberally will also avoid giving the skin a patchy looksince concealer’s sole purpose is to hide darkimperfections. You can apply the concealer before or after you’ve applied the foundation and is completely dependent on your routine.This also provides for the famed flawless finish and helps the skin stay oil free for a long time.Since, Japanese women have typically good skin, so  a lighter finish should look good on other skin types.

Highlighting and Mascara

Since highlighting is a wrongly rumoured to be a tough job, most women decide to forego the process. However, highlighting can become your forte with the right amount of practice. And, it should since highlighting gives great definition to your face and even accentuates your best features. Highlighter should be applied on the cheeks, around the eyes eye, along the bridge of your, etc. The area of application of highlighter should depend on the kind of effect you’re looking for.

Mascara is crucial for Japanese makeup as it is important to highlight your eyes to get that flawless effect that Japanese women are always walking around with. Mascara is important, but eyeliner is not essential. You can avoid eye liner completely by just making the right use of a good concealer and highlighter.

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