Saturday , 9 December 2023
Crochet edging styles you won’t learn from your friends

Crochet edging styles you won’t learn from your friends

Some crochet techniques are hard to learn from friends or anyone else because we always compete to surprise each other with unique bodies but not edges and starting points. That’s why when you meet with your friends, you’ll only concentrate on the number of crochets you’ve made, patterns adopted and rarely on crochet edging styles. With unique edging styles, you can stand out and make your friends declare that you are unbeatable. Here are two styles you can consider.

Bead Edging

We only think of buying yarns and hooks for crocheting forgetting that we can also use other items carefully and in methods to improve on our crocheting and make our stuff different from what others are doing. For a wonderful and remarkable job, consider using beads of any style of your choice for crochet edging.  Beads are colorful and stylish on their own. Therefore introducing them at the edges of your crochet accessories will make a perfect edging.

Bold Edging

Bolding is usually used as a way of attracting the attention of your intended person. If you want to draw eyes to your crochet items, bold the edges with attractive colors that are blended in unique and stylish manner. You do not need to employ a different color, but you can just deepen the one you are using. Such a crochet edging is a unique one but we many people rarely put it into use.

You now have the secrets at your fingertips. Put them into practice and your crocheting will never remain the same.

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