Thursday , 30 November 2023
Starters guide to some easy crochet
  flower pattern

Starters guide to some easy crochet flower pattern

The darling of crochet art, the sweetheart of fashion, and a teacher to the beginner….A well made easy crochet flower pattern has many roles to fit in. Simple enough for new learners to gasp and charming at the same time, crochet flowers have captured imagination of the hoi poi for a long time now. Once you get into the stream of making easy crochet flower patterns, it will be easier to let your imagination run wild. But the starting is the most difficult, so we present you with small ideas to help you design some easy crochet flower patterns –

  1. Wagon wheel flower – Make the petals round and let it spiral toward the centre. Overlap it with another second layer of the same color yarn and you get a perfect morning blossoms. Make a bunch of these and let them lay on the table casually to add a touch of sweetness.
  2. Sunshine sunflower – Make the petals thin like fingers and you have to make at least ten of them, let them surround the thin-yarn centre. Now, underneath this flower make another set of petals that fills in the gaps between the first layers. Stitch the two and use bright yellow yarn to make some crochet sunflowers.
  3. 3D flower – Use a thick yarn to make a round doily first. Then choose four lines radiating from the center and wrap the doily around these lines, stitch the final flower together and you have a lively 3D flower to decorate with.
  4. Flat flower doily – If you want to experiment with new ideas, simply make a flat crochet platform where you can exquisitely design the flower. A flower crochet doesn’t always have to be like a real flower. Happily play around with ideas.

So, get ready to add a subtle beauty to your room this season and make some easy crochet flower patterns.

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