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Reebok basketball shoes – best features and looks

Reebok basketball shoes – best features and looks

The Reebok shoes have stood tests of time and still are here even though the shoes are out in market for a very long time. It is because of the price for the basketball shoe and due to some loyal fans who buy it over years when the old pair of shoes wears out. Here we will break down the information like its fit, style, durability, weight, and shock absorption abilities of the Reebok basketball shoes.


Style on Reebok basketball shoes is quite simple. The main color comes in white as that is the color many shoes use. The shoe has standard lacing system that leads up to the hook and loop and padded collar & tongue. On front there’re some small perforations that act as the ventilation system to make sure cold air enter and hot air escapes. It gives your feet healthier environment of running and make sure you may play at full capacity. The shoes are the first shoes to have this technology.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort & fitting is the biggest points on Reebok basketball shoes. It is because of a fact that shoe makes use of soft leather that will cover main base & has a lot of padding inside. Leather used is comfortable and supportive it means you may use these casually & you will feel really good.


One best thing about the basketball shoe is it is the lightest shoe in the market and weighs just 12ounces and average weight for the basketball shoes nowadays are 15/16 ounces. Low weight can be acquitted to a fact it does not have any flash or fancy features that a lot of modern shoes have, and has basics that focus on fit, support and comfort.


Durability on Reebok is very good considering how much old it is. Lots of people re-purchase the basketball shoe each time they need the new pair of shoes. It is where the impacts happen and give you cushion in important areas of your feet.

Shock Absorption

Like durability there’re not nay fancy features. But, it has got comfortable foot with a lot of padding in it, thus when you land feet are padded and protected with all soft leather & comfy material. Suppose you are looking for the basketball shoe that gives off classical vibe, as being the good option if you’ve the budget, we will highly suggest you to look at Reebok basketball shoes. These points are tasters in what the basketball shoe needs to offer. There’re many types of brands while it comes about buying basketball shoes and is hard to select best shoes when there’re many options to select from.

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