Wednesday , 17 April 2024
Three great dog sweater knitting pattern to keep your dog warm.

Three great dog sweater knitting pattern to keep your dog warm.

Did your dog just returned for the vet, after catching cold or are you planning to gift your dog a perfect handmade sweater you can design at home. All you need is some good quality yarn, now this is important. Before you even start thinking about dog sweater knitting patterns choose the yarn otherwise your dog may develop allergies. Washable yarn with a tighter spin so it’s less inclined to pill as your dog plays in it, and rolls around outside. Here are three dog sweater knitting patterns to helps you begin knitting.

  1. Cabled cardigan: Any dog will be look splendid and gorgeous in a smooth arrow light pattern spreading from its chest towards the back. Make a symmetrical pattern of equal arrows moving upward from both sides. Make sharp edges and smooth transition from one ring to another.
  1. Parallel line doily – For simplicity, go for parallel lines sweater till hip. It will be full length with four openings. Do alternative doily on the surface and parallel ones underneath. With the additional warmth and smooth design your dog is bound to love the sweater.
  2. Butterfly Ruffle – Give your dog wings by designing a butterfly sweater for your dog. Let the chest portion be covered to the maximum as the vital organs venerable to cold lay here, but make a curved turning in the back and let the dogs back breath with a butterfly design. If you dog constantly lick her back it is the best option to start stitching with.

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