Saturday , 30 September 2023
Make your life comfortable with easy
  crochet slippers

Make your life comfortable with easy crochet slippers

Are you tired of wearing the same old plastic slippers? Give your feet a break and make your slippers comfortable by making a pair of easy crochet slippers. Not only easy to make it is also a cheaper option and most importantly you can make it your way. So get ready to make some easy crochet slippers, with these easy tips –

  1. Material – As your feet are very sensitive by nature, choose a nice elastic, soft, material that is comfortable to touch. Also remember to use a harder, rough material on the outside, so as to increase your slipper’s longevity.
  2. Hooking method – There are two types of hooking methods. You can make the entire sandal at one go with the base and holder mixed with the same hooking. But it’s a little difficult for beginners so it’s better to make the base and holder separately and then attach the two.
  3. Type – Full cover hood slippers, Wire holding slippers, Square crochet slippers, crochet laced slippers, soccasins, and there are numerous types to choose from. Choose a simple type, like a nice rounded base and top it with a crochet chain as holder.
  4. Color – Experiment with bright colors for casuals, a little sober if you want it for indoors or you can make one pair of easy crochet slippers for each room you have and match the color of walls and your slippers.

So be ready to start this new hobby, its fast, it’s cheap and it’s the latest thing that’s trending. Make a pair of easy crochet slippers, today.

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