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Know More About Body Make Up

Know More About Body Make Up

Make up can not only do wonders on your face but also on your body by hiding imperfections such as stretch marks, black patches, rashes etc. And these types of make up products are useful if you are planning to wear a little revealing dress to a party. Often times many of us pay more attention to our face than any other part of the body.

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But if you want to wear a short backless dress you should prepare your legs and your back properly before getting into that dress. Some people are blessed with flawless skin, but not everyone is lucky enough. This is where body make up comes to the rescue. By evenly blending the make up with you skin tone, you can also achieve the almost perfect skin for that special dress of yours.

But it doesn’t mean that body make up products are used only to hide flaws. The body shimmers are used to give a shimmery effect to the skin. It also makes the skin look brighter under light as the small particles reflect light. Body shimmers or other body make up products completes the look. Even the celebrities, when they walk the red carpets, do not forget a dab of body make up, to bring out the real beauty of the dress they would wear.

How To Apply Body Make Up:

  • Firstly you must cleanse the part of the body you would be applying make up on. Thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and then moisturize. Let it stay on for a few minutes.
  • Secondly, select the shade that blends with your skin tone the best and apply it. If you are willing to just use it as a tint it can be missed with the moisturizer.
  • For the contours you can use a darker shade whereas if you want to highlight use a lighter shade.
  • After the application of the make up, use a powder foundation so that it gets set properly. You can also apply shimmer powder as a finishing effect.

Body Painting And Tattoos:

Body paintings and tattoos are a part of body make up ideas. You can go for temporary body paints or tattoos or get permanent ones. These types of body arts are usually done on the bare portion of the body which would be visible. Body art and tattoos are now very common forms of body make ups these days.

Leg Make Up:

Leg Make Ups are used to conceal imperfections on the legs so that short dresses can be worn without inhibitions. The heavy leg make up are a very common thing in Hollywood where the make up artistes apply such make ups on the actresses so that their legs look perfect.

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