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How to apply Lady Gaga Makeup

How to apply Lady Gaga Makeup

Parties and events are key events when you need to look special, sexy and glamrous. For women, getting dressed like a glamorous dive is far more important, since this is one way of being the highlight of the party. If you want to appear special in a customer party and want to use lady gaga makeup, you should pay attention to some of the tips which are listed below. Makeup is really an important factor to get the look of a lady gaga. But you can get the glam look on your own at home. Provided you follow the steps.

Wash your face

First of all you need to wash your face and remove all makeup you already have on your face. The makeup already on is a deterrent in the way of your gaga look.

Use foundation

Then you have to apply a foundation similar to your skin so that there is not stark difference in your skin and the makeup you apply. You should apply foundation that hides the marks on your face such as acne, uneven skin and discoloration. It is an important step for getting lady gaga makeup.

Use a concealer for acne

If your face has acne marks, you should take a concealer matching your skin tone. You can tap it on your acne marks. Apply it all over and blend it well.

Bronzer to your cheekbones

If your skin is pale, you should use a very light bronzer to your cheekbones. This is only recommended to pale skin people. If your skin is dark and medium, do not use it.

Light peach blush

Then you need to find out a light, peachy blush and should use it on cheekbones, although you can skip this step.

Primer for eyelids and eyeshadow

As a lady gaga, you should pay attention to your eyes. You should apply a primer or concelarer to your eyelids so that they stand out in your overall looks. Your eyes will add a lot to your looks. You can also apply a light silver color for eyeshadow on your eyelids and crease it.

Winged Eyeliner

This is the most important step. You have to use the winged eyeliner for your eyes. You can take a liquid black eyeliner and line your upper lash line. You can extend the line deep into the inner corners of your eyes. It makes you look important.

Lip lining

You should line your lips with a lip liner using at least two shades darker than your lips and fill them in. It is important in your great lady gaga makeup process. Having used this you will have your desired lady gaga looks. Aren’t you looking stunning?

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