Sunday , 3 December 2023
Green dress – the latest color trend

Green dress – the latest color trend

The military green dress is a comeback color trend that you can’t ignore. It gives the masculine appearance. It is one of the top trending dress for men this season. There are many ways you can make use of this color trend to appear stylish and trendy. You can use them with suits. Replace your black, blue or gray suits with green. It is beautiful as it looks elegant and a two-piece in green color with a white color shirt and a matching tie will look fabulous on you. It will look warmer in cold weather and going with heavy fabric or woolen material brings richness to the attire. It can also be used as the choice color for blazers. It will be a nice addition to your wardrobe. The military green dress blazer with denim or chinos will make you look a complete man. Choose textured blazer which will look nice tailored to fit you perfectly.

Men with green trousers can change the khaki styles. It will look sophisticated and with the semi-formal shirt and a jacket, it looks a perfect attire for any occasion. Where it is V-neck, turtle neck jumpers or bomber jackets, the green color trend will bring extra effect and makes heads turn towards you. It is a standout color and is a perfect t style for men who wants to be a true leader. The autumn collection without green dress sets you apart. The best color trends should be exploited to make the style statement to suit the season.

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