Sunday , 3 December 2023
Five easy scarf knitting patterns to try
  out this season

Five easy scarf knitting patterns to try out this season

Whether it’s windy or raining or the sun is up high in the sky, a scarf is all a woman needs as an all time friend. But with shops selling same design to many it becomes hard to define yourself in the crowd. Refuse to stand down and make a scarf yourself. Yes!! It is easier than it sounds and a lot more fun once you get a taste of it. So follow the following easy scarf knitting patterns and make a number of additions to your wardrobe –

  1. Wool Hangers – Let the wool hang around your neck, with a casual shawl that is elastic and flows down like a waterfall. Choose Aran yarn or Ghazi wool or the best merino young breed yarn, for this type of scarf.
  2. Stockinet seed stitch shawl – Choose sport weight yarn and knit up using stockinet. Charming and smooth it will be a perfect companion to a party.
  3. Gatling Rock stitch – Make a detailed parallel lines base and cut them off with 90 degree 1 inch lines. The result will be even rectangular motifs that will go well to a formal business meet.
  4. Vintage wave pattern – Make curvy waves buy knitting with a round needle and make the base with normal knitting. Seed stitch the two and modify as needed. Choose a dark color for the base and a bright one for the waves.

So make a scarf today and expand your choices without burning a hole in your pocket, with these easy scarf knitting patterns.

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