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What are crochet scarf patterns?

What are crochet scarf patterns?

Crochet scarf patterns are the essential needs of every season. Crochet scarfs provide elegance to the personality. Your crochet scarf for winter will provide warmth from the cold chills of fall and winter, while a summer styled crochet scarf would provide the cool look to flaunt upon.

Crochet scarf patterns come in different patterns and designs. We’d list out a few of the patterns down here.

  • Cross-body cowl
  • This pattern of crochet scarf provides layering over the neck and body line. It rounds up as a cross-body over one side, hence the name cross-body cowl.
  • Circle pattern
  • Crochet scarfs with circle pattern are made through looping of the fabrics over the layers. It certainly looks like chunky one. They are one of the most preferred ones of crochet scarfs.
  • Crochet infinity pattern
  • This pattern has become the currently most trending of crochet patterned scarfs. It sits nicely on the neckline. This scarf is a simple crochet with fabrics making an infinity loop. Here the ends are stitched up together to give a resemblance of infinity.
  • The button cowl
  • How about this one? The scarfs that is worn by rounding over the neckline and buttoning down to keep them intact. Often buttons and hooks are used in co-ordination in this.
  • The wraparound
  • It’s the same as of a normal scarf with long elongated length that can be wrapped around by the user as per their desire. The ends are not stitched up as it is in the case of infinity ones.
  • The chained one
  • This one features the pattern like a neckline chain. The crochet scarf is designed the same of a chain and is worn on the neckline.

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