Thursday , 30 November 2023


Aran knitting dates back to the Irish eras when fishing and farming were the main economic activities for the majority of the poor people living in Ireland. The women folk used very unique knitting patterns on sweaters and other wearable items to signify their way of life as well as future hopes. Today, these patterns are still very much in use in not just sweaters, but also on socks, throws, hats, vests among many others.

Way of Life: Fishing

In Aran knitting patterns, the cable stitch is what was used to signify the fisherman’s rope. It was believed that wearing this pattern would bring much fruit at sea. This pattern is still very popular today in sweaters.

Way of Life: Hard Work and Rewards

To signify the importance of hard work and the rewards that come with it, the honeycomb stitch was used. It was thus used to also signify good luck. The stitches are made using eight rows which are then repeated over again to create a honeycomb.

Way of Life: Importance of Clan and Family

The tree of life stitch was used to signify the importance of the clan as well as strong families. It is sometimes known as the trinity stitch, with some religious connotations attached to it.

With this know-how, you can be able to not just know more on Aran knitting patterns, but also decide on which stitch will best suit your project if you are a highly traditional person. Otherwise, for the less traditional ones, style and aesthetics are what you will consider for your project.

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