Sunday , 25 February 2024


There are different types of crochet borders which can be learnt to crochet the edges of crocheted blankets or Afghans etc. There are so many crochet edging patterns of different looks and textures to choose from and implement. Let’s have a look at the different patterns of crochet edging.


Arc lace edging has a vintage look and looks wonderful on anything. Bobble edging adds great texture and almost looks like popcorn stitching. Lattice ruffle edging is a stylish design with a perfect edge. Pineapple swirl edging, zig-zag edging, polka dot crochet edging, shells and borders crochet stitch pattern.

For crochet Afghan and blanket edging the following types of patterns can be learnt. Ribbons and lace Afghan edging in this design makes it a unique one. Fresh flowers crochet border in contrast colour gives a beautiful look to the blanket.

Crochet borders can add warmth and comfort to the house. Examples include pillow edging which gives a good look to the pillows for beds and couches. Crochet room wall décor with beautiful borders are perfect for a room. Lace napkin edging gives a fancy look to the napkins.

Scalloped crochet lace edging is ideal to be used on pillows, linens, Afghans and blankets. Crochet lace towel edging makes a linen towel look attractive. Filet crochet lace edging with heart designs can be applied to sheets, pillowcases and for creating edges without corners such as a top of the blanket or the bottom of a curtain. This crochet design for crochet borders is made using filet crochet technique.

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