Saturday , 9 December 2023


Crochet bedspread is a warm and comfortable bedspread and is perfect for a good night’s sleep. There are various patterns and examples of crochet bedspread. Let’s have a look at them.


Carriage cover Afghan is a vintage crochet pattern. The star stitch is used to create a crochet design. They are created using yarns of various colours. The Siesta Afghan pattern consists of 108 crochet granny squares. This is a vintage pattern.

The Wedding Ring bedspread is crocheted in yellow and cream cotton yarn. The border has an intricate design. The crochet bedspread uses crochet flowers, cluster stitches and filet crochet. These are lacy bedspreads and are appropriate to be presented as a wedding gift.

Pinwheel crochet pattern bedspreads are elegant and simple. It is called pinwheel because of the wheel motifs present on them. Its white colour is elegant and matches every combination. The Victorian lace crochet pattern bedspread is another example of elegance and grace.

The Boxes of Stripes crochet bedspread is a sophisticated and creative type of crocheted bedspread with its striped crochet pattern. By using different yarns and alternating the stripes inside the boxes a very beautiful crocheted bedspread is created.


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