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Give a warm feeling to your feet with  sock crochet patterns

Give a warm feeling to your feet with sock crochet patterns

Your feet also require protection from the cold and a complete feeling of warmness. Many people consider that the knitted or crocheted socks keep your feet hot. Although, it may look complex and daunting to crochet, but this is one the most logical item to crochet.

Next, you decide on your yarn, and quality of yarn that you need to crochet a pair. Most often the quantity highly depends on the gauge of the yarn and off course size of the sock. It can be thicker or thinner according to your chosen pattern.

As there is numerous colors available for the other cloths, for the socks too. Crocheting a sock pattern is quite easy, once you know the techniques; you can design it in few hours and gift it to your friends.

If you are staring it for the first time, you need proper materials. For the standard foot range, two yarn balls are enough. Do not forget to buy crochet hook, without it you cannot do anything.

If you know the basics, you probably also know how to hold the hook. Your thumb and index figure should hold the flat section of the hook.  Then use left hand to loop on the yarn. This is one way of holding it, but you can adopt your own style to hold it.

Record all the measures to get the exact size and also record the length and width.  Now, measure heel, take the measurement as half of the width of the foot.

Start the work in a continuous row around the sock in a cylinder form, and do not join the last stitch. Stay continues around over the top of the first stitch. Now, it is time to crochet the toe. Take the accurate measure and keep waving needle in that form. Keep intact around the back side of the previous stitches, single crochet in the next 6 stitches. In this way, an oval shape will be created. Increase the number of single crochet in order to get the exact width.

Now, come to the foot side. Continue with the previous single crochet and form a cylindrical shape. Ensure that the number of the row on the front or on the back side is equal; otherwise, your pattern may spoil and may need to crochet it all over again.

Now, put consideration towards the heel. It is made on the back half of the sock. Crochet it until you get the desired length. The heel will appear like an hourglass and seem wide at the top and the bottom and stay barrow in the centre. Stitch side of the heel. You are all set. Insert your feet and check the size.

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