Sunday , 3 December 2023
Gift your baby a sweater with these easy
  baby knitting patterns

Gift your baby a sweater with these easy baby knitting patterns

Babies don’t care for expensive gifts or food. They only require warmth and love. In this context, there is no other gift greater than a cute little hand knit sweater just for your baby. However, in this fast pace world, many working moms have little time to knit. Others complain of lack of creative design ideas and instead buy a sweater for their dear ones. So if you want to make something only unique for your baby follow these easy baby knitting patterns –

  1. Yellow and orange cardigan – Make a cute little cardigan with alternating yellow and orange yarn. Make it as fluffy as possible to maximize the sweetness quotient and keep your baby warm and healthy.
  2. Kitten hood jacket – Want to transform your baby into an innocent kitten while keeping her warm? Make an over the head sweater with a hood. Keep the body simple, but you can insert a small kitten face in the chest area. Complete the hood but stitching two charming little cat ears, you can make easily as home by using soft wool.
  3. Color candy – Make a colorful sweater that you baby won’t let go off. Choose 5 bright colors and make alternating rings starting from the top to bottom. Make a small 3D pattern of flower petals, with string or wool to up the charm factor.
  4. European magic – Make a nice sweater with buttons and collars and a sober white or pink color. Keep it simple and let your baby feel like a grown up sometimes.

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