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For the right pair of work shoes boost your productivity and good health

For the right pair of work shoes boost your productivity and good health

The importance of getting the right work shoes

The whole point of buying work shoes is not just limited to the kind of footwear that would go with a formal attire. While shopping for shoes that you would be wearing to work, you are looking at something that is comfortable and adds to your health, while going along with your work-wardrobe. Here are a few short tips to help you make the most out of your work shoes purchase and not neglect your health as you do so.

Stick to the basics, get comfort at all costs

Before you buy or commit to any style, try walking around in it. You will be wearing it for over 8 hours each day, so it is essential that you are comfortable in them. For women, pointy shoes that have a narrow-toe box or very high heels are a strict no-no. It places more pressure on the forefoot that leads to greater troubles later on. You should also make it a point to avoid any shoes that are slide-on or belong to the category of open-back footwear.

A style that has straps in it and an enclosed keeps the shoes attached so that your toes are not left doing the work for the entire day. For women who simply must get heels, a maximum height of 2 ½ is ideal, which adds to the support and helps improve the knees, back and feet’s state. Take your time, and ensure you are getting a good pair of work shoes to boost both your health and productivity.

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