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Elegant Looks with Knit Ties

Elegant Looks with Knit Ties

The modern world has a new outlook of a gentleman which is not given to a wealthy person only. Today style is very important to each and everyone. It is not judged by his wealth, rather it is judged by his actions, character, conversation, and the pertinent thing is his style of dress. Style becomes his characteristics.

Knitted Ties for every class

   Knitted ties are made for every class like engineers, doctors, workers etc. In some companies the employees have to follow the dress code means they cannot wear casual dresses every day whatever the dress they wear but they have to wear the ties every day. For this knitted ties are best. Brown printed silk ties, Black with white spot, red and blue paisley printed silk tie, and Navy paisley ties are famous. Knitted ties are famous for its textures. It seems that it is loosely woven; there is no requirement of linen with springy feelings. In French it is called cri de la soie which means the cry of silk particularly when you are using the crispy ties, sometimes it gives a crunchy sound specially when these knitted ties are squeezed by hands. It is a typical style of a gentleman which sometimes is underrated. In these knitted ties you can get Black and White Pattern knitted tie, Black and White Thick Stripes Knitted Tie, Black Knitted Tie, Black Printed Knitted Tie, Brown Knitted Tie. Again you can get Burgundy Vanilla Knitted Tie, Charcoal Grey Knitted Tie, and Colombia Light Blue Knitted Tie. You can get single colored or mixed colored knitted ties for your suits.

Can wear it in any season

The most beneficial part of these knitted ties is that you can wear it in any occasion whether it is summer or winter or in any seasons.  You can wear it with your favorite suits. You can wear them with denim jacket and cargo trousers. So there is ample choice of using it. In silk ties you can get from kipper to skinny ties. But the best knitted tie is that one which has 2.5 inches and it is narrower than a business tie. This is the reason for which you can wear as a formal or casual dress up. Its sleeper shape gives a modern look. While you wear this knitted tie with your suit you should keep in mind that you have to keep your lapels in the same width to your tie so that you should look in proportion at chest- level.

Different looks

It is also very important that what type of knot you should have in your tie. Normally there is four-in-hand knot you use, but here if you want to get sprezzatura points then you can leave the back blade to hang at the back side of the front part then it will give you a look of regimented person which is different from normal look.

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