Thursday , 30 November 2023
Beginner crochet patterns to try out as a beginner crochetier

Beginner crochet patterns to try out as a beginner crochetier

Crocheting has for some time been viewed as a skill reserved for specific people. With time, however, more and more women are venturing into crocheting regardless of whether they are skilled or not. Some skills can be gained, and crocheting is one of them. Venturing into crocheting can offer many benefits, just as venturing into your hobbies does. Some of the benefits mentioned by crotchetier include stress relief, creative boost as well as a means by which you can make affordable and sentimental gifts to your loved ones. Here are a few beginner crochet patterns you can try out.

Chain and Single Crochet Stitch

The chain stitch is very easy to make. The crotchetier simply makes a number of looped stitches which can form a long chain. The single crochet stitch is made by hooking the yarn over a looped yarn over and over until the whole loop is finished. This process is called the yarn over, and is done by going through the centre of all loops present in a chain stitch. It takes very few minutes to learn this, and items such as scarves and baby blankets can be made with this technique.

Granny Square Pattern

The granny square pattern is very popular among many crocheted items, thus beginners can do well to learn this technique early on before progressing to other advanced beginner crochet patterns. It is made by use of the chain stitch and the slip stitch. There are some abbreviations used in the tutorials instructing you on how to make the stitch, which are not difficult to grasp.

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